WE CARE advocates the privacy rights of all our website visitors and members. This Privacy Statement is part of our expanding effort to provide clear, trustworthy information and services to all our clients. Any user information WE CARE collects will be used only for purposes stated in this Privacy Statement, or otherwise only with the user's consent.

Email Addresses

WE CARE limits email communication to those who have expressed an interest in hearing from us. If at any time you are receiving email messages from WE CARE that you no longer wish to receive, simply click here and we will remove your email address from our automatic mailing system.

Aggregate Data

WE CARE reserves the right to track aggregate data on our site users, allowing us to better serve our clients. We reserve the right to share aggregate data with the site sponsor, but we will not share any personally identifiable information with outside parties for commercial or promotional purposes.

Personally Identifiable Information

WE CARE utilizes personally identifiable information for online client contact. We will not release any user's personally identifiable information for promotional purposes.

WE CARE reserves the right to release personally identifiable information in the following situations:

  • When subpoenaed or questioned by law enforcement authorities
  • Without subpoena, warrant, or other court order to law enforcement authorities, presuming there is a reason to believe that the individual has partaken in illegal activity or has acted in violation of WE CARE's policies
  • When reporting any illegal or suspicious activity


Cookies are files transferred from the website to the user's hard drive, allowing for the tracking of website activities without reporting any personally identifiable information about a user not previously provided to the website (unless the user has set browser preferences to provide that information).

This website uses cookies for the purpose of site customization. By allowing us to store information about their preferences gathered by use of this site, our users enable us to organize information and services in a way that is most advantageous for them. The use of cookies is a common Internet practice, and WE CARE does not use them in any way we feel might compromise the rights and expectations of visitors to our site.

Additional Considerations

WE CARE is concerned with your privacy, but be warned-other vendors or individuals may not be. WE CARE does not take responsibility for the actions of any outside party in violation of our Privacy Statement. You may wish to consider an encryption program for greater privacy protection.