Talk to Your Doctor

Doctor Discussion Guide

Create the best healthcare plan for you and your little one by discussing the applicable topics below with your doctor.

Use this Doctor Discussion Guide to talk through your personal healthcare situation with your doctor during your preconception visit or your next appointment. Jot down additional questions and note areas you’d like additional guidance throughout your pregnancy.

Getting Pregnant with IBD

  1. Will my current disease state or past surgical history make conceiving difficult for me or dangerous for my baby?
  2. Is my IBD "under control" enough to have a healthy pregnancy at this time?
  3. Do I need to change my IBD medications or treatment strategy before trying to get pregnant?
  4. Can/Should I try to conceive during a flare up?
  5. Should I take specific vitamins before trying to get pregnant?

IBD During Pregnancy

  1. Is it safe to continue using my current IBD drugs throughout my pregnancy? If not, what are my options?
  2. Do my current IBD symptoms or treatment strategy put me or my baby at risk for nutritional deficiencies during my pregnancy? If so, what should we do?
  3. What foods should I avoid throughout my pregnancy?
  4. Depending on my disease state, how many additional calories do I need to eat throughout my pregnancy?
  5. Will my IBD history affect how I can deliver my baby? Can I have a vaginal delivery? Or will I need a C-Section?

IBD After Delivery

  1. Is it safe for me to breastfeed my newborn while taking IBD medication?
  2. Will the IBD medications I took during my pregnancy or while I breastfeed affect how I should vaccinate my child?
  3. Which vaccinations should I give my baby? And when should they be given?
  4. If my child were to develop IBD, when would he or she start showing symptoms? What should I look out for?