What to consider once you're pregnant

IBD and Pregnancy

Controlling your IBD during pregnancy

We've all heard the saying "to take care of others, we must first take care of ourselves." This statement rings especially true for expecting mothers with IBD. Your baby is an extension of you. If your disease is not well controlled, then your baby could suffer. In this section of the website, we review the important facts that will help you ensure your baby's health while caring for your own.

Nutrition during pregnancy

As with all pregnant women, babies are exposed in utero to substances that you put in your body. This includes the nutrients from food. While all women need to increase intake of certain essential vitamins and nutrients to ensure a healthy pregnancy, the woman with IBD may be at greater risk for these kinds of deficits.

In this section of the website, we'll discuss what you may need to eat, avoid and what supplements you might need as a mother-to-be with IBD.

Pregnancy & IBD medication

In this section, we'll discuss whether your IBD medications are still safe for your unborn baby. It's critical to your health and that of your child to take care of your IBD while pregnant. And while many IBD medications are safe for you both during pregnancy, there are some medications your doctor may want you to stop taking before trying to conceive. It's important to talk to your physician about what works best for you, but we will cover a wide breadth of information that can help you prepare for a conversation with your doctor about your healthcare and pregnancy.

Childbirth options with IBD

With IBD and pregnancy, there can be unique challenges when it comes to childbirth. Your doctor may suggest you consider a cesarean section depending on some conditions or surgeries you may have experienced due to your IBD. And planning your mode of delivery in advance with your doctor can help you prepare for the safest delivery possible.

Talk to your doctor throughout your pregnancy

We hope the information we will share with you is helpful. But the best course of action for you and your little one is the one planned out specifically for you both from your doctor. In fact, one of the best ways to have a healthy pregnancy—with or without IBD—is seeing your doctor frequently and following his or her medical guidance.

Talk to your Doctor